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Our Products

Our Products

The Development Loan gives our members opportunities to improve their lives through investments and meeting their life goals. The features of this loan are:

1.Processing period of the loan is 7 days

2.Refinance facility is available for development loan for members who have paid at least 50% of their initial loan

3.A member seeking loan refinancing is expected to apply for a new development loan and the net amount disbursed to the member

4.A refinanced loan is treated as a new loan and must be fully secured

5.Repayment period is re-set to a period up to the maximum 36-48 months

Refinancing only apply to creditworthy members

Enjoy the convenience, comfort, and pleasure of your new car sooner than later. With the car loan, you can now buy your car while still taking care of your other development projects. What are the features of this loan?

1.A member can apply for a car loan up to three times the member’s savings. The amount applied to the three times deposits rule applies.

2.You can access up to a maximum of KSH 1,500,000. This should cater for all other expenses – the value of the car, insurance, and other levies.

3.Security: No guarantors required, the Logbook will serve as collateral.

4.The rate of interest is 1.0% per month on reducing the balance.

5.Processing period is 14 days.

6.Maximum repayment period: 36-48 months.

Give your children, dependents or yourself the education they or you deserve. Do not let lack of school fees bar you or your loved ones from reaching their goals. Our education loan offers you the support you need. Its features include: Maximum KSH 100,000 with a repayment period of up to 12 months

1.Fee structure/invoice required with any education loan application

2.Money is paid directly to the school/learning institution of the member or members dependent

3.Money can be advanced towards the purchase of school-related materials against a clear catalog/ invoice – payable to the concerned facility

4.Processing period of 2 days

Hurisacco is here to support you when you need it. The Sacco provides emergency loan facilities to members. Members can apply for this loan even while servicing another loan. Its features include:

1.Maximum limits KSH 200,000 with a repayment period of up to 12 months

2.Short processing period of 2 days

3.Emergency loans are approved on a weekly basis

You may have an opportunity to invest or do something worthwhile with money. But you already have a development load than you are servicing. A bridging loan can help you out to meet your need and attain your goal. Here are the features:

1.To qualify for this loan, the initial loan must have been repaid up to 50% and without default

2.Processing period is 7 days

3.Maximum repayment period is 30 months

4.The interest rate is 1% per month on reducing the balance


An un-burdensome way to meet your development shortfall. The approval is based on two times of your available savings at the time of application instead of three. In addition, the loan deductions run concurrently with the other development loan.

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